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The best of Cephalonia!

Stay impressed with dazzling white pebbles in the hidden paradise of the North-West coast. Make a splash at some famous spots, explore the most beautiful Cephalonian village – Assos or just enjoy the colorful scenery from a lonely fish tavern in Agia Kiriaki bay. If you still haven’t heard about magnificent blueness of Cephalonia, you will probably become the one who talks about it, so don’t miss to take a swim.


Maximum number of passengers – 10!


Whole day cruise!

Daily cruise departure time is by 9.30am and the cruise ends by 5.30pm.

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The cruise is subject to change at any time in the event of unforeseen weather changes or any other event outside of the reasonable control of the Captain and it will be your and Captain’s responsibility to agree on a new route for your cruise. Any route choice depends on the sailing conditions, available marinas, etc. To avoid the doubt, for safety reasons the Captain’s decision will be final.

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