Its time to meet Greece as it was long time before mass tourism

Out of thousands of islands in Greece, of which 227 are inhabited, dozens are private, but only on few it is allowed to sail around and moor, like on paradise of Atokos, only 4 miles from Ithaca. Calm, protected bays, literally crystal clear waters and amazing colours, one church, one house and… goats.
Atokos is a great introduction for beautiful nature scenery that comes with islands of Kalamos and Kastos and a channel between them. Green, white, blue, caves, bays alternate all the way. Its time to meet Greece as it was long time before mass tourism, islands without cars, perfectly clean, quiet, tasty food, sea and sun, thick pine trees, unusual wild landscapes. A tough decision where to anchor for a swim stop. No wonder it was a favourite getaway for Onazis and JackyO!


Maximum number of passengers – 10!


Whole day cruise!

Daily cruise departure time is by 9.30am and the cruise ends by 5.30pm.


The cruise is subject to change at any time in the event of unforeseen weather changes or any other event outside of the reasonable control of the Captain and it will be your and Captain’s responsibility to agree on a new route for your cruise. Any route choice depends on the sailing conditions, available marinas, etc. To avoid the doubt, for safety reasons the Captain’s decision will be final.

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